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We Heart Iran is a website created by locals to help visitors have a better understanding of Iran.


Welcome to We Heart Iran! We’re a group of young passionate Iranians trying to help people from around the world understand our country better. We think Iran is one of the most misunderstood countries in the world and we’re trying to have a part in changing it. In the recent years, more and more tourists are coming to Iran and most of them seem to be surprised by how people, beliefs, and the overall feeling of the country is different from what they might have heard prior to their trip.

But it’s not enough. There are still many people who have never been to Iran and have a completely wrong picture of the country and its people and that’s what we’re trying to fix. We’re not alone in this as anyone who has travelled to Iran would agree that it looks like every Iranian has the mission to “fix the picture”, maybe that’s one of the main reasons tourists get surprised by the famous Iranians hospitality!

Join us, explore the beauty of Iran with us, we’re pretty sure you will also Heart Iran!


Our blog is a place where we share our ideas, give recommendations and insider tips to help visitors spend less and enjoy more, and answer some of the frequently asked questions which a visitor might have before, during, or even after their trip.

We're still working on our blog.

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Explore Iran With Us

We hope to see more happy tourists in Iran and our goal at We Heart Iran is to make it easier for everyone to get the most out of their trip. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for some adventure, want to spend a night or two in a non-touristy village, or simply looking for a local companion you can trust. Get in touch with us, ask any questions you might have, we’d love to help you during your journey in Iran.

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